Message from Advisor, SCHC

Symbiosis Centre of Health Care (SCHC) was established in 1997 with the sole objective of providing preventive, promotive, and curative healthcare services to students and staff of Symbiosis.

Good health, a better quality of life! These are things we want for our Symbiosis staff and students who have entrusted their care to us. At SCHC, we are making it happen by giving personalized healthcare. We are delighted to introduce the on-campus healthcare services to optimize and improve the health and thereby the quality of life of our family members. Our vision is to focus on the healthcare needs of our members.

In true conformity to the adage: ‘mens sana in corpore Sano’ ―” a healthy mind in a healthy body", the health status of an individual is intimately related to and is inseparable from a quest for academic accomplishments. Student health is a critical foundation on which students can optimize their learning, reach their potential and achieve their academic goals.

Health promotion thus assumes special significance. We enable our staff & students to improve their health through the overlapping spheres of health education, environmental modifications, nutritional interventions, lifestyle and behavioral changes, prevention, and health protection. We hope to be a role model for all Indian Universities as a Health Promoting Universitythat seeks to provide integrated, innovative, and compassionate care.

Welcome to the new world of health care!

With best wishes.

Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar

Advisor, SCHC