FAQs Healthcare services

1) Why should I undergo annual health checkup? Is it mandatory?

Ans:Undergoing health checkup helps to prevent illnesses and loss of studies. Yes, Annual Health Checkup is Mandatory in Symbiosis.

2) Which investigations are to be done during annual health checkup?

Ans: For School Children – No investigation is done.For College Students – Haemogram & Urine Routine. Staff: More investigations may be advised if felt necessary by consultants.

3) How & when will I get my report of annual health checkup?

Ans:The report of annual health checkup is sent through mail within 24 hours.

4) Do I need to pay for health check up?

Ans: Health Checkup is complimentary. Only additional OPD or investigations are payable.

5) Can I do all the investigations & consultant checkup outside Symbiosis and submit those reports in SCHC?

Ans:No you need to undergo the investigations & checkup at SCHC ONLY.

6) To whom should I contact first in Symbiosis, if I am suffering from any illness?

Ans: If you are suffering from any illness, you should contact the campus medical officer. In case of emergency, you should contact the emergency medical services number printed on your Identity card.

7) Can I submit all documents regarding medical certificate online?

Ans:Yes you can submit all documents regarding medical certificate online.

8) What time should I approach SCHC to submit all documents for medical certificate?

Ans:The timing to approach SCHC for submission of the documents regarding medical certificate is as per the campus SCHC operational timings.

9) Does SCHC send medical certificate to my institute or I have to submit it?

Ans:Individual staff or student is required to submit medical certificate to respective Institute.

10) What medical services are available 24/7 ?

Ans:All Emergency Medical Services are available 24/7 on call. The timing of OPDs are as per campus operational timings from 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. on weekdays including Symbiosis holidays.

11) Does SCHC have consultants on its panel, whom I can consult?

Ans:Yes, Physician, Eye, ENT & Dental consultants visiting SCHC for Health Checkup can be consulted free of cost, when they are available on any of the campuses. There are other speciliaties which are on SCHC panel. To contact them, you should contact the campus medical officer.

12) Does SCHC offers Dental OPD services?

Ans:Yes. SCHC offers Dental OPD services consisting of procedures such as scaling & polishing, tooth fillings (aesthetic & silver), caps & bridges & root canal treatment

13) Do I need to pay for health checkup / OPD consultation at SCHC?

Ans:Yes. The Dental OPD services are payable by students & staff members.