Wellness Quotes

  1. When 'I' Is Replaced By 'We' Even Illness Becomes Wellness!

  2. With Good Health Comes Happiness, With Happiness comes Positive Attitude; With Positive Attitude comes A Great Society. So ‘Stay Healthy, Be Happy’, Make This A Wonderful World.

  3. A Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside.

  4. Health Is The food for our mind And Body So, Think wisely. Work Actively And exercise regularly.

  5. It’s not that You Have Stopped Playing Because U Have Grown Old...it Is You Grow Old Because You Have Stopped Playing.

  6. Positive Attitude Is The Biggest Asset One Can Have In Life .

  7. You Can Choose To Subsidize Your Illness Or Invest On Your Wellness.

  8. Money Cannot Buy Health. What Is The Use Of Sitting On A Diamond-studded Wheelchair?

  9. When It Comes To Eating Right And Exercising, One Can't Say That 8 I Will Start Tomorrow. Tomorrow Is The Starting Day Of Your Ending.

  10. Life Is Waking Up An Hour Early To Live An Hour More.

  11. “Health Is Not Forbidden, The Keys Are In Our Hands To Unlock” .

  12. If You Think Wellness Is Expensive, Then Try Illness

  13. Health Is Like Money, We Never Have A True Idea Of Its Value Until We Lose It

  14. Wellness Is An Asset & Illness A Liability.

  15. Be ill, Be Expensive! Be Well, Be Rich!!!

  16. Nurture Your Body To Strengthen Your Soul

  17. “Healthy Isn't The Look, its A Way Of Being”

  18. Health Is The Physical Fitness Of A Person But Wellness Is Having A Healthy Soul As Well.

  19. Laughter Is The Best Medicine without Side Effects.

  20. Exercise Is Almost Like Music In A Way; There's No End To It.

  21. If You Think You Do Not Have Time For Exercise, Sooner Or Later You Will Have Time For Illness.

  22. A Healthy Attitude Is Contagious, Don't Wait To Catch It From Others, Be A Carrier, Start An Epidemic!

  23. A Good Laugh And A Long Sleep Are The Best Cures In The Doctor's Book.

  24. Health Comes From Peace Of Mind, Heart And Soul, So Feed Your Mind With Good Thoughts, Your Heart With Love And Your Soul With Eternal Happiness.

  25. A Man's Health Can Be Judged By Which He Takes Two At A Time-pills Or Stairs.

  26. Healthy' Is Not A Duty But A Lifestyle After All It Starts With 'heal' And Ends With 'thy' i.e. 'you'.