Symbiosis Centre of Health Care offers following autonomous programs in distance learning:

One Year

Post Graduate Diploma

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital & Healthcare Management (PGDHHM)

Employment opportunities in healthcare and planning are growing faster than many other employment sectors. There is a great need today for competent managers to provide effective and efficient healthcare services, directed at improving patient outcomes and optimal use of resources.

PGDHHM program focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and skills required for the management of multi-specialty hospitals, various healthcare organizations and programs.

The aim of this course is to prepare graduates for consultancy and managerial positions in hospitals and other healthcare organizations by providing the vocabulary, knowledge and skills of modern management.

Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline

2. Post Graduate Diploma in Medico Legal Systems (PGDMLS)

The healthcare industry is rapidly changing due to modernization and liberalization. With the increase in consumer awareness and consequent rise in medical litigations, there is a need for every professional in the Healthcare, IT, Pharma and Insurance sector to be alert and medico legally aware.

The aim of PGDMLS program is to enable doctors, lawyers, nurses and all other professionals involved in healthcare, to understand the prevalent concepts, with a view to prevent and manage medico legal problems.

This course will not only educate healthcare professionals especially hospital staff and make them aware of legal aspects but also help them understand medico legal matters. Graduates having completed this program, have a good chance of getting jobs in hospital administration departments, grievance redressal cells, public relations departments of corporate hospitals, legal department of IT, Pharma and Insurance sector.

Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline

3. Post Graduate Diploma in Health Insurance Management (PGDHIM)

Health Insurance in India has become one of the fastest growing segments of the Insurance sector. The total market size of India's insurance sector is expected to touch US$ 350-400 billion by 2020 & rise from 14% to 19% in market penetration level. This has fueled the need for professionally qualified individuals in health insurance companies, medical establishments including hospitals, insurance intermediaries, consultancies and third party administrators. 

PGDHIM is designed for individuals aspiring for career opportunities in the insurance sector as well as enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of those already working.

PGDHIM is designed for individuals aspiring for career opportunities in the insurance sector as well as enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of those already working.

Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline

4. Post Graduate Diploma In Clinical Research (PGDCR)

Clinical Research is the means of advancing knowledge about health, illness and healthcare. Without it, medical progress will come to a halt and current practices may eventually become harmful, wasteful or both. Therefore, Clinical Research is needed to advance our understanding and to make fair assessments of healthcare measures with respect to their benefits, risks, and costs.

Due to its 'Therapeutic Diversity' (vast population), well trained medical professionals and sophisticated technological infrastructure (expanding hospital and clinical facilities), India has emerged as an attractive destination for conducting global clinical trials. Clinical Research is carried out on healthy volunteers and patients with disease to ensure that the drug, which is to be marketed, is safe & effective.

In light of these changes, India is fast emerging as a hub of “Clinical Research”, which is the knowledge based industry of the new millennium. All this in turn offers huge employment opportunities for the Medical, Pharmacy Life sciences graduate and post graduate students. However, clinical research is a highly specialized and regulated profession & therefore requires specific knowledge and skill sets to carry out various operations, as per the global norms.

PGDCR is aimed to develop professionals aspiring to work in this field by imparting quality training and knowledge on general research methodology and processes in various aspects of clinical research.

Eligibility: Graduate in Life Sciences or Medical Sciences or Statistics

5. Post Graduate Diploma in Quality Management of Hospital & Healthcare Organization (PGDQMHHO)

Coupled with growing awareness and demand from various stakeholders towards quality assurance, to meet the patient safety standards and better patient outcomes, quality in healthcare is becoming a mandate.  Hence healthcare sector is becoming increasingly competitive. Healthcare and wellness institutions are rapidly opting for quality management and adopting relevant accreditation standards and thus gaining competitive advantage.

The program aims to equip not only fresh graduates but mid-career healthcare professionals also in the area of quality management in various healthcare verticals.

Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline & experience of working in healthcare sector or Graduate in either Life Sciences or Medical Sciences

6. Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition & Dietetics (PGDAND)

With changing life styles and food habits incidence of non-communicable diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Heart disease, Cancer are growing in epidemic proportions. Therefore preventive and promotive measures are gaining increasing importance. Augmented interest in health and wellness has heightened the demand for trained nutrition professionals in hospitals, specialty clinics and wellness sector. This program is targeted for individuals seeking opportunities in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline

7. Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Tourism (PGDMT)

Medical tourism is broadly termed as health and wellness tourism. Increasing global insurance coverage, robust pharmaceutical industry, affordable international travel, comparative low cost and quality healthcare are progressively making India a preferred medical tourism destination. This has collectively amplified the demand for qualified medical tourism professionals in various verticals of health and wellness sector.

This program aims to provide knowledge about the essentials of medical tourism, industry trends, immense opportunities and challenges surrounding health and wellness tourism to participants.

Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline

8. Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Data Management (PGDPVCDM)

Pharmaceutical industry valued at Rs. 900 billion is transforming and growing at a blistering annual pace at the rate of 12 – 14 percent in India. India is also coming up as a global outsourcing hub in the arena of drug development and research. In addition, India has started pharmacovigilance program since 2010.

Effective and efficient Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Data Management are critical for the successful outcomes in clinical research, drug marketing and a mandated regulatory requirement as well. All this has led to explosive demand for trained and skilled personnel in this field. This program aims to train professionals in pharmacovigilance and clinical data management by imparting knowledge and skillsets related to drug safety and total data quality in all phases of clinical trials including post- marketing surveillance.

Eligibility: Graduate in Life Sciences or Medical Sciences or Statistics

9. Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing (PGDN)

Healthcare sector is becoming more complex and capital driven due to rapid advances in medicine and technology. Coupled with demand for quality and superior patient outcomes, need for skilled and specialized professionals is increasing exponentially. Nursing personnel play a central and critical role in patient care and contribute significantly for the betterment of all patient related outcomes.

Ever increasing expectations of efficient and productive nursing services along with significant growth in number of hospital beds has amplified demand for well-trained nurse managers and administrators. This program aims at preparing the nursing professionals for leadership roles through insights and requisite skillsets required for management & administration with reference to nursing domain.

Eligibility: BSc. Nursing or GNM

Six Months Programs


1.Certificate Program in Medical Writing (CPMW)

Requirement of well trained & qualified medical and scientific writers who can accurately script and interpret complex medical, research, and statistical data & tailor the information for regulators, policy makers, scientific community, investors as well as general public is growing exponentially.

Healthcare domains like pharma, medical-device companies, clinical research organizations, academic institutions, publishers offer alluring career path for aspiring academicians, post-doctoral students, scientist, and researchers. Proficiency in medical and scientific writing is now a prerequisite now for teaching career aspirants.

Catering to the paucity of credible learning options, this program aims at providing comprehensive insights on medical, regulatory and scientific writing to those aspirants wishing to add a significant value to one’s career.

Eligibility: Graduate in Life Sciences or Medical Sciences

2.Certificate Program in Disaster Management for Hospital & Healthcare Organization (CPDMHHO)

A disaster is a serious and sudden disruption of the functioning of a community or organization leading to widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses and varying degree of impacts. Hospitals and healthcare organizations are critical to disaster response and relief.  A safe and resilient hospital can ensure timely and effective healthcare response and safety of admitted patients and it’s personnel during such events. 

Hence it is imperative that disaster preparedness plan be in place at healthcare organizations, also a mandated requirement for accreditation of hospitals. This program aims to equip healthcare professionals working in hospital and healthcare organizations to plan and respond to disasters in terms of risk and hazard assessment, risk reduction, and preparedness and response management.

Eligibility: Diploma or Graduate in any discipline

3.Certificate Program in Hospital Infection Control And Patient Safety (CPHICPS)

Medical errors including hospital acquired infections are amongst the foremost causes of death or morbidity next to cardiac diseases & cancer resulting in functional disability, emotional suffering and economic burden among the hospitalized patients. Upsurge in awareness of patient rights & safety is increasingly leading to multitude of medico-legal litigations & demand for quality. Apart from mandated requirement for accreditation of hospitals, greater concern for healthcare professional safety & antibiotic resistance has created a huge need of competent workforce to administer & promote patient safety & infection control practices across all healthcare systems.

Keeping these issues on the forefront, this program is designed to impart knowledge and skill base required to foster practices of patient safety and infection control in hospitals amongst wide ranging health professionals.

Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline, GNM