CONNEXIONS A Placement Assistance Drive

The need of the qualified manpower in this fast expanding healthcare sector is acute and critical. Distance Education Program offered by SCHC are for both, the entry level aspirants as well as for in-service professionals for their professional upgradation. Given the fiercely competitive work environment, these programs address the issue of the trained manpower crunch of the healthcare sector.

Symbiosis Centre of Health Care (SCHC) provides a platform for its students to build a rapport with the corporate through ‘CONNEXIONS’ our placement assistance drive. We act as a bonding catalyst to get the right ‘CONNEXIONS’ as per the corporate requirements.

‘CONNEXIONS’ is organized during National Seminar in the 1st/ 2nd week of May. Only students and alumni of Symbiosis Distance Education Programs can attend the placement drive.

‘CONNEXIONS’ provides a right platform for corporate to recruit the right person for the right job at the right time. It provides qualified & certified healthcare professionals - skilled, experienced, productive and motivated.

‘CONNEXIONS’ provides a right platform for the students to interact with the right company of their choice.

Students are notified in advance about ‘CONNEXIONS’ and are required to register through a mail at before National Seminar.

We welcome all the students and alumni for ‘CONNEXIONS’.