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Learning Resources

Symbiosis Centre of Health Care is a centre of excellence offering quality distance education with optimum faculty support and guidance.

Study Material

The program curriculum is specially designed by subject experts to meet the needs of industry, printed modules are given to students opting for postal/ offline mode of study.


The E-Portfolio & 24*7 Learning Management System
Once you enroll you are a SYMB-ian.
Technology has made it possible to carve the pedagogy of distance education, making it effective, flexible & acceptable to industry.

Unique advantages of SYMB-ians is :

  • Login any time from any place
  • Learning without constraints
  • Track your academic progress
  • Access the knowledge bank - educational videos, case studies, relevant news in the field, PPTs and much more
  • Submit your assignments online
  • 24*7 access to study modules for students opting for online mode through Learning Management System

SYMB-ians Video Lectures :

E-portfolio in SYMB-ians also includes video lectures on diverse topics covered during our National Seminars on various healthcare verticals deliverd by stalwarts. Covering emerging trends in healthcare sector. These knowledge based videos will add to your learning.

Audio / Video Presentations:

SYMB-ians also include Audio / Video Presentations on critical and fundamental topics covered in the programs. These presentations are delivered by stalwarts. It focuses mainly on emerging trends, guidelines, latest regulatory advances in the arena. These knowledge based videos will add to your learning.


Interactive e-Learning CDs are a supplementary learning resource or add on given to students of Distance Learning Programs.The content enhances understanding of key concepts of the subject matter. Self assessment of learning through MCQ and related question are very helpful in learning. Our e-learning is based on David Kolb’s Learning Cycle.