Knowledge Bytes

  1. India bets on mobiles in battle on maternal, child deaths  pg: 47

  2. Bar code on drug packaging to help track and trace authenticity pg: 47

  3. Stent re-labelling scam: How price pushed up pg: 48

  4. Wearable device helps visually impaired avoid collision pg: 49

  5. Satellite tech to scan human skin for cancer  pg: 49

  6. 'Smart' bandage detects bedsores early  pg: 50

  7. Chronic kidney disease more prevalent in northern states: Government pg: 50

  8. Hepatitis C 'could become a rare disease by 2036’ pg: 51

  9. Health care jobs lift less-educated workers pg: 52

  10. A novel cholera vaccine developed in India provides more protection pg: 53

  11. Blood test predicts suicide risk, study suggests pg: 54

  12. Portea Medical to invest $20 million to enter 32 cities by 2015 end pg: 55

  13. How An Advisor Can Help Cut Your Healthcare Costs  pg: 55

  14. Indian Healthcare Industry - At the Cross-Roads pg: 57

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