Articles Published

  1.  An observational study on ICD-10 and recommendations for its application
    Dr. B.S. Powdwal, Dr. (Brig) A P Pandit- pg:07

  2.  Approaches to combat micronutrient malnutrition
    Dr. Priyanka Pareek pg:12

  3.  Challenges of maintaining quality in ‘End of Life’ care
    Ms. Debdatta Das, Ms. Moushumi Lodh. pg:16

  4.  Quality enhancement through Lean management in Healthcare - An overview of newer concepts
    Dr. Chirag Dayal, Prof. Farooqui AS pg:25

  5.  Analysis of presence of fatigue and its effects on nurses
    Bhargava A. pg:28

  6.   Study of turnaround time and utilization of operation theatre
    Dr. Srishti Upadhyay, Dr. (Brig) A P Pandit pg:32

  7.  Self-Medication: A pill for every ill
    Ms. Madhulika Rawat, Dr. (Col)V.B Deshpande pg:36

  8.  Review article on facilities of Primary Health Polyclinic In Government Sector In India Versus International Standards of A Polyclinic - Lacunae And Recommendations
    Wing Cdr S Yazdani pg:38

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