1. ABC and VED analysis of a hospital pharmacy inventory

Mr. Prashant Hirani, Dr.(Brig) A.P. Pandit pg:01

2.Factors affecting job satisfaction level among hospital staff

Dr. Meruna Bose, Dr. Nimain Mohanty pg:02

3.Study of adoptability of EMR by Indian Doctors with a view to overcoming the barriers

Dr. Saad Saiyed, Dr. Kasturi Shukla pg:03

4. Inventory control analysis in a dental hospital

Dr. Nitin Gupta pg:04

5. Effect of team work culture on patient satisfaction

Mr. Sidddharth Kamble, Dr. (Brig) A P Pandit, Ms. Meenal Kulkarni pg:05

6. A study to assess awareness regarding Diabetes Mellitus in

diabetic subjects in a Govt. hospital at Delhi
Dr. Vandna Sharma pg:06

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