Faculty | Disaster Management in Healthcare Certificate Program | SCHC Pune


Name of the Institute: RedR Organization

Area of expertise: Disaster responses, Disaster risk reduction, Disaster training

Company Profile:  Experts from RedR organization has contributed for developing our modules of Cert. program in disaster management. RedR India is a nonprofit organization that works for disaster situation by selecting, training and providing competent and committed personnel to humanitarian programmes worldwide. RedR is also involved in handling emergencies, relief work and disaster risk reduction. RedR India prepare effective and efficient disaster responses and risk reduction by designing training courses for International and National NGOs, UN Agencies and Governments.

Name: Dr. Sonopant Joshi

Qualifications:  MSc (Nursing), MSc (DM), PhD

Designation: Professor & Head, Research & Statistics, Symbiosis College of Nursing, Pune

Areas of Expertise: Disaster management, Disaster preparedness, Research & community health nursing.

Current Profile: With more than three decades of academic experience Dr. S.G. Joshi is proficient in community health nursing & disaster management. He is on editorial board member of many international journals. With numerous articles published in reputed national & international journals, he is also a recipient of Nurse Research Award bestowed by Trained Nurses Association of India. Currently he is working as a Professor and Head, Research & Statistics at Symbiosis College of Nursing, Pune.

Name: Col. Sameer Mehrotra

Qualifications: MBBS, MD (HA), DNB, Dipl. in Disaster Mgt.

Designation: Assistant professor, Dept. of Hospital Administration, AFMC

Areas of Expertise: Administration, Disaster risk planning, Disaster preparedness.

Current Profile: With a glorious career spanning for more than two decades Col. Sameer Mehrotra is an acclaimed academician, serving Armed forces. Apart from teaching he is also involved in training, capacity building of students & delivered sessions for numerous conferences. Developing guidelines on hospital safety with NDMA, Govt of India he has contributed for projects funded by DRDO, ICMR & AFMRC. Currently he is working as assistant professor, Dept. of Hospital Administration, AFMC Pune.

Name: Col. V. N. Supanekar

Qualifications: M.Sc

Designation: National Trainer in Incident Response System and Crowd Management.

Areas of Expertise: Disaster Management, Disaster planning, Response System and Crowd Management.

Current Profile: With his glorious career spanning over 26 years he has served Army in Artillery branch. Presently working in the field of disaster management with Govt. of Maharashtra for training activities & he is also involved in planning of disaster plan for various national as well as international institutes & events. He has numerous publications on Response Management in International and National flora.